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  • CRI-ATIVITY Club (ex-Creativity Club 2010)
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  • Objective: Promote creativity in the scientific research by the use of informal ideas formulated in an informal way. Enhance FdV cohesion through informal meetings.

    Materials: a room (in the CRI or anywhere else which can generate an informal scientific discussion), some food and drinks to avoid unwanted breakings of the discussion, a forum on the moodle.

    Meeting frequency: each 2 or 3 weeks, with an announce on the moodle (a responsible person have to be chosen).

    Rules about the running of the meeting: participants must bring on some drinks/food.

    Possible outcome: a summary of the ideas discussed during the meetings.

  • Creation and playing on board and card game The final objective is the creation of scientific game to allow poeple learning science when they play . Poeple won't need background to play those games but when they play they will learn some term, principle of different biological system, or differnt organism strategies or developpement. The game we will produce at the end of the year should be a game we can sell in shops.

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    One of the goal of this club would be the creation of an International Association for Synthetic Biology. We would need to set up a complete web-based platform dedicated to Synthetic Biology. One important feature would be the census of the global community and the creation of a huge database and of a forum to allow communication between scientists, students and companies. Another major feature would be the creation and worldwide diffusion of a Synthetic Biology podcast made in three parts : news in SynBio, a review done by a student and an interview of one major actor in SynBio research. If ever you are interested in Synthetic Biology and you want to take part in its development, do not hesitate and become a member of this club!